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Feb 5, 2013 3:00am PST
, the stadium lights were turned off during that show so they were using even less energy in the stadium. the issue still being blamed on an energy surge from a substation outside of the stadium. >> bill: i just -- that's a lame excuse. >> i still can't believe that the power of the super bowl went out for over 30 minutes. that's incredible. >> hawaii has some sympathy for celebrities and is making a move for their privacy. the state is set to act on a bill that would prosecute paparazzi for invading celebrities personal privacy. it is dubbed the steven tyler act because the legislature recognizes that people like him come to vacation in the state and with that, come a lot of benefits for the state but they shouldn't be mobbed by prying eyes with telescoping lenses while they're just trying to avation in private. >> bill: i'm so glad to hear that. i think now i will go back to hawaii again. because it was such a pain in the neck last time. the paparazzi following me to the beach and the restaurants. all right, hawaii, thank you. i'll go back. neil abercrombie, good job. >> mcdonald's is
Feb 4, 2013 3:00am PST
. and it was not good for the ravens. it's like the ravens just lost all of their energy during that lights out, lost all of the steam and when they came back, the 49ers were pumped up and almost took it over, down to 34-31. here is, first of all, the last call of the game. this is by wbal yeah, you here the bal. this is the baltimore home team station, jerry sandusky. not that one. jerry sandusky making a different call. >> three seconds left, 2, get to the 40, fired. tackled. to the barn, the baltimore ravens are super bowl champions. woo. >> bill: that's his sidekick let's bust out the crab cakes. it's baltimore. i love that. the hey is in the barn. hello. >> yeah. >> at any rate, it was a big night for baltimore and that team really in the playoffs and in the post-season, the baltimore ravens were superb when the lights went out, nobody really new what was going on there for awhile. on cbs news, of course covered the enter bowl. it was their turn last night. it was up to sideline reporter steve tasker because the cbs announce booth was out of power. >> ye
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2